Have You Heard of CreativeLive for Free Education?

By February 16, 2015Food for thought

Education empowers people and provides the necessary tools to change their lives, their family’s lives and the world around them. Whether it’s sought after as a way to escape a cubicle or perhaps a life of poverty and oppression, knowledge tends to democratize. For far too long, access to an education has been exclusive to those that could afford it. Unfortunately, even then it may still be locked behind an insurmountable wall of severe student debt.

As for audio production, often times access to an effective education has either been locked behind the sound proof walls of recording studios and in the minds of experts actually willing to mentor or non-existent in the false promises of for-profit “audio schools.” While easy access to an education in audio won’t exactly free you from tyranny, the general principle of liberation holds true.

Sounds like a good idea.. but impossible, right? Well, it turns out it actually is possible. There’s a company called CreativeLive that offers just this. They broadcast live classes online internationally, specializing in audio, music, photography, design and business.. and the list grows. In the realm of music, thus far, they’ve offered courses on drum production, recording guitars, DIY mastering and, most recently, have featured instructors such as Kurt Ballou of Converge and Godcity Studios.

As a fan of progress through education, I urge you to take a look at what they’re doing. I’m not an affiliate of CreativeLive and I certainly don’t speak on behalf of them. It is just a great resource that anyone in any of the creative fields that I listed should visit OFTEN. Anytime they’re broadcasting anything relevant to me, I’m watching. Free education. That’s just how I roll.

Don’t be a dumdum. You can can check out their past and upcoming courses here: http://www.creativelive.com

About Rebecca King

Rebecca is the founder and art director at Renegade Chihuahua and Pink Graphic Design. She was born in TX to two nomadic parents and was, in essence, raised all over the map. She currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and their motley crew of three dogs. Her passions include music, art, coffee, chocolate, animals and traveling.