Answers to Some of My Most Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

For a complete list of services, please go to my Services page

How much do you charge?

An understandably important question that depends on many underlying factors. Pricing varies with each project and it depends on the type of design services required and how much time and work will go into completing the project.

I have two types of billing: flat rate and hourly. Flat rates and estimates for hourly rate projects are determined shortly after the initial consultation and before the start of the project.

I do require a 50% deposit before booking projects, with the remaining balance to be paid before final deliverables. In some instances for large or ongoing projects, when appropriate, payments may be broken up in increments that correspond with the scope of the project.

What does the cost include and what’s involved in the design process?

You can see a detailed breakdown of my process here.

Do you price match?

No. My prices are based on my skills, creativity, experience and knowledge of the best creative solutions for a very broad range of project types.

If we live in different cities can we still work together?

Yes! I actually work with clients from all over the world. Even if we are in the same location, most of our communication will be done via email. Occasionally we may need to hop on a phone call or on Skype so that we can discuss the project more thoroughly, although surprisingly it’s not usually necessary.

I've never worked with a graphic designer before. What I should expect?

My job is to understand your project needs and to provide creative solutions that will improve your image and add value to your product. Some clients are not creative by nature, or may find it challenging to initially express their thoughts and ideas about their project. So I make it easy.

I gather some basic information about you and your project and then I create a customized questionnaire. I will ask you relatively simple questions about your brand, your goals, your design preferences and a few adjectives to describe all of the above. Think of it like a puzzle. Your answers are the pieces and my job is to put the pieces together. I guess you could say that, aside from a designer, I’m also a detective and in many ways, a psychologist.

Every project is different, but it’s important to note that I’m responsible for providing you with information along the way so that you understand what’s going on throughout the process.

What is the client’s involvement in the process?

The client is actually involved throughout the entire process, beginning shortly after the initial consultation. Before beginning any project, I start with a questionnaire that is specific to your needs. Projects generally include two to three proofs where client feedback is extremely important before moving forward with the next round.

What exactly do I receive when you send initial design ideas?

With each proof, I will walk you through the concept, color and font choices I selected and I will explain to you why I have selected them. My job is to interpret information about you, your product, your wants and your needs and to translate them into an effective design.

How do I check on the progress of my job during the design process?

I will keep you up to date about the progress of your project. However, should something come up or if you just want to check in, I make sure to always promptly respond to emails throughout the day.

How will I receive my design project once it’s finished?

Your final deliverables will be uploaded to Dropbox in a secure folder that only you can access. I will email you once your files are uploaded and ready for download

Can you start right away?

I schedule all projects in my calendar once the deposit has been made. So it is first come first serve.

How long will the project take to complete?

This entirely depends on your project, your deadline and your response time. Something relatively simple, such as a small web banner can take as little as 2 days, album art may take two weeks, a logo may take between two to three weeks, and something like a website design can take anywhere between three weeks to three months, or sometimes even longer.

As a rule, I schedule time within the project timeline so that I have a chance to step away for a day or two and come back to it with fresh eyes. I apply this rule both before sending proofs and before sending final deliverables.

I need something done yesterday. Can you help me?

I’ve had several clients contact me with an urgent deadline that I have been able to accommodate. This depends greatly on my schedule at the time and the scope of the project. I can accept a rush project as long as it doesn’t interfere with other clients’ deadlines.

How do you accept payment?

I create all invoices and accept all payments through PayPal.

Can you help with printing?

Absolutely. I will provide you with print ready files when applicable, along with instructions for you so that you understand the process and what to expect while working with your printer. While I do not work specifically with any one printing company, I am happy to act as an intermediary when necessary.

When are you available to discuss my project?

I’m always available via email. If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, I typically schedule phone and Skype calls between 4pm and 6pm CST.

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